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Graduate Student Spotlight: Molly Cope

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Welcome back to another Graduate Student Spotlight! Today’s spotlight is on Molly Cope, who is studying for her Master of Science in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner! Molly is a dedicated student, having studied Psychology and Nursing in her undergraduate education. She started her undergrad at Miami University for Psychology, following it with Nursing

Graduate Student Spotlight: Meghan Bleck

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It’s the return of the Graduate Student Spotlight! This week, we’re highlighting Meghan Bleck! Meghan is currently studying for a Master of Arts in Secondary Education with Certification! She majored in History and Criminal Justice in her undergraduate degree, and takes a special interest in studying sexism in middle and high school settings, and how

Faculty Spotlight: Professor Alexis Skuras

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Everyone settled in for the semester? We have another faculty spotlight today! Today’s spotlight is on Professor Alexis Skuras of the School of Nursing!  Professor Skuras teaches Pathophysiology, Fundamentals of Nursing, and Medical/Surgical I for undergraduate BSN students. Professor Skuras, when not teaching, has also been working on research to support public health. Her manuscript,

Faculty Spotlight- Hiba Wehbe-Alamah

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It’s a new school year, which means it’s time for a new round of graduate blogs! The time has come again to highlight some of our fantastic faculty members– if you’re a new graduate student, this is your chance to get to know more about them! We’re starting off today with Professor Hiba Wehbe-Alamah of

Graduating Student Spotlight – Drew Ferrari

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Today, we’re congratulating another one of our students that’s moving on with his new degree! Drew Ferrari, a newly minted Master of Business Administration graduate is setting off on his next journey. Thank you for studying with us, Drew! We’re looking forward to seeing what you do with your degree now that you’re done! We

Graduating Student Spotlight – Marquonda Wyatt

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Today, we’re highlighting a graduating student we’ve featured before! Marquonda Wyatt has finished her graduate education, and is moving on to her next steps in life! Congratulations, Marquonda! We hope to continue to see great things from you going forward into the future! Here’s what Marquonda had to say: Why Did You Choose Your Major?

Graduating Student Spotlight – Phil Tambouridis

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We’re congratulating another one of our fantastic graduate students today! Phil Tambouridis graduates this summer with an MBA to accompany his bachelor’s in Engineering, also from UM-Flint! Congratulations, Phil, we can’t wait to see what you do next! Here’s what Phil had to say about his graduate experience: Why did you choose your major? As

Alumni Interview: Michele Cook

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Educators come in all shapes and sizes, and at various levels of higher education. Some of our best teachers and education professionals have just one degree from their institution of choice, while others, mostly those serving as or looking to become superintendents or other administrators, have multiple. Take Michele Cook, EdS, EdD, of Williamston Community

Graduating Student Spotlight – Stephanie Basham

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Welcome back to our Graduating Student Spotlight! Today, we’re congratulating Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia student, Stephanie Basham! We here in the Office of Graduate Programs salute your hard work and effort, and we hope that you have a great time wherever you go next! Congratulations! Here’s what Stephanie had to say about her graduate experience:

Graduating Student Spotlight – Wendy Harness

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Hello again! We hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day! We here at the Office of Graduate Programs are returning to our Graduating Student Spotlight. This week, we say congratulations to Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Dynamics, Wendy Harness! We hope that you had a wonderful time studying here at UM-Flint, and are