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It’s a new school year, which means it’s time for a new round of graduate blogs! The time has come again to highlight some of our fantastic faculty members– if you’re a new graduate student, this is your chance to get to know more about them! We’re starting off today with Professor Hiba Wehbe-Alamah of the School of Nursing! 

Professor Wehbe-Alamah teaches NUR 369 and NUR 810, courses on Transcultural Health Care. She has worked at UM-Flint since 2006 and has over 60 research publications. In her current research, she is working on a new edition of a Transcultural Health Care book aimed at all medical disciplines. As part of her work on this book as one of several authors, she will be contributing to twelve chapters within it. In her personal life, she enjoys traveling, taking opportunities to immerse herself in the culture of wherever she goes. She also enjoys reading and crafting her own perfumes, soaps, essential oils, and chocolates. 

As a seasoned professor, we asked her a few questions about her experiences at UM-Flint over the years. Here is what she had to say: 

What is Your Favorite Part About Teaching at UMF?

Making a difference in students’ lives and seeing the impact of my teachings on their personal lives and plans for their current and future careers and professional/scholarly goals. I also enjoy building a sense of community in the classroom and helping students navigate challenges. I take pride in sharing my passion for and expertise in transcultural health care, witnessing first hand students applying what they learned in my courses in their clinical practice. I love having the freedom and resources to use creativity and innovation in my teaching.

What is Your Favorite Memory from Teaching?

The Aha moments students experience and share in my courses! Being a patient to one of my previous students who applied what he learned in my course while treating me– receiving unsolicited emails from my students sharing the impact of my teachings on their personal lives and professional careers. Seeing a student who took my course 15 years ago and told me I was one of her most impactful faculty …

Thank you for sharing, Professor Wehbe-Alamah! We appreciate everything that you have done and continue to do!