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Faculty Spotlight: Douglas Zytko

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A new day brings another faculty spotlight with it! Today’s spotlight is on Professor Douglas Zytko of our College of Innovation and Technology! Professor Zytko teaches classes in Human-computer interaction and Computer Ethics. He currently studies and designs computer-mediated consent to interpersonal behavior as a lens to prevent abuse online. Much of his research is

Faculty Spotlight: Christina Snider

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It’s still technically the start of the New Year…why not bring a new Faculty Spotlight with it? Today we’re highlighting one of our fantastic faculty members, Christina Snider! Christina teaches Pediatrics and Primary care in our Master of Science in Nursing and Doctorate of Nursing Practice programs. Christina is a skilled faculty member who works

Faculty Spotlight: Professor Alexis Skuras

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Everyone settled in for the semester? We have another faculty spotlight today! Today’s spotlight is on Professor Alexis Skuras of the School of Nursing!  Professor Skuras teaches Pathophysiology, Fundamentals of Nursing, and Medical/Surgical I for undergraduate BSN students. Professor Skuras, when not teaching, has also been working on research to support public health. Her manuscript,

Faculty Spotlight- Hiba Wehbe-Alamah

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It’s a new school year, which means it’s time for a new round of graduate blogs! The time has come again to highlight some of our fantastic faculty members– if you’re a new graduate student, this is your chance to get to know more about them! We’re starting off today with Professor Hiba Wehbe-Alamah of

Faculty Spotlight: Dan Lake, Professor of Marketing

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In today’s Faculty Spotlight, we’re highlighting Professor Dan Lake of the School of Management! Dan studied Integrated Marketing Communications and now teaches Marketing here at UM-Flint. He enjoys teaching students of various different backgrounds, appreciating the diversity of the students here at UM-Flint. Professor Lake works to get all of his students engaged and thinking

Faculty Spotlight: Professor of Marketing, Erin Cavusgil

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Welcome back to the faculty spotlight! This week, the focus is on Professor Erin Cavusgil, of the School of Management. Erin teaches Principles of Marketing and has a Ph.D in Marketing and Purchasing, an M.S. in Biomedical Engineering, and a B.Sc.  in Chemical Engineering from our sister campus! She is the recipient of several awards

Faculty Spotlight – Cathleen Miller, School of Management, Professor of Accounting

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We’re doing something a little bit different this week on the graduate blog– we’re not highlighting a student, but one of our fabulous faculty members! Our professors, much like our graduate students, are some of the best, and we want to show them off to everyone! We’re starting by highlighting Accounting and Auditing Professor in