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In today’s Faculty Spotlight, we’re highlighting Professor Dan Lake of the School of Management! Dan studied Integrated Marketing Communications and now teaches Marketing here at UM-Flint. He enjoys teaching students of various different backgrounds, appreciating the diversity of the students here at UM-Flint. Professor Lake works to get all of his students engaged and thinking about the actual practical realities of the field they’ll be entering once they graduate, and to that end enjoys teaching by example. With students of so many different backgrounds in his classes, Dan appreciates the unique way each student learns and approaches a problem. 

During his own studies, Professor Lake studied using the Harvard Case Method, which continues to assist him to this day. Harvard Case Method is a practice where students gather in groups to discuss a real-life situation that a business executive faced, and think through the perspectives of the executives working on the problem. He finds this approach very useful in learning and teaching, and appreciates practical experience for students as a method of finding solutions.

In his personal time, Dan enjoys practicing sports and spending time with his family and friends. He advises students to “Find a career you enjoy, money TRULY can’t buy happiness if you dread what you do everyday for work”. Thank you for being a great faculty member, Professor Lake!