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COVID 19: A Chance to Come Together

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It can be so easy to get caught up in the grind of life when you are focused on your own tasks. Yet the COVID-19 pandemic has in many ways revealed a lot about how quickly each of our worlds can change. Working as a critical care nurse has allowed me to see how impactful

Facing a pandemic head-on as a Public Health student

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As a student in the Masters of Public Health program, the shifting of class format from in- person to completely online has revealed a number of obstacles, but also opportunities. When UM-Flint first made the announcement that classes would be going online, I think there was a lot of apprehension and uncertainty in how the

AR Wiencek on Year One in the Occupational Therapy program

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I obtained my bachelors degree in Exercise Science and Health Sciences with a minor in Psychology from the University of Idaho. I found myself deciding between three doctoral programs, and ultimately chose the University of Michigan’s Occupational Therapy (OTD) program here at UM-Flint. I was excited to move closer to my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

Scholarship and Support: Arahshiel Silver’s Experience in the MA in Liberal Studies Program

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After finishing a bachelor’s degree in history “better late than never,” Arahshiel Silver knew she wanted to continue her education and began looking for a master’s program that fit her needs. She considered many factors when choosing a program, but most importantly, she was looking for the flexibility to pursue the research that motivated her.

Changing How Math is Taught: Jenelle Hynes on the Pace and Relevance of the MA in Math Education Program

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Jenelle Hynes is a third grade teacher at Atherton Elementary School and current graduate student in the MA program in Mathematics Education for Elementary & Early Childhood Educators. She wanted to go into a graduate program for education but had a difficult time finding a program that really spoke to her. After searching for months