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Returning to the Graduate Student Spotlight once again, today we’re highlighting MBA student, Nichole Huff! Nichole is studying for her Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Management. She is interested in studying the different inequities and disparities in our current healthcare system, and how to alleviate them from a business perspective. Nichole is passionate about her classwork, appreciating all of the opportunities she has to look at different healthcare issues and how to solve them. One opportunity she received was working as a Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Sadeghi of the School of Management, where she received hands-on experience in her studies. With her passion for her schoolwork and her interest in improving healthcare, we’re proud to feature Nichole! We asked her her usual questions, and here’s what she said:

What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Graduate Program?

I appreciated having the opportunity to work as a Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Sadeghi, examining the impact of social vulnerability on disaster aid allocation. This research experience has allowed me to align my personal passion for working to deliver resources to underserved populations with my academic interest.

What’s Been Your Favorite Class?

HCR 587 – Legal Issues in Health Care.