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Graduating Student Spotlight – Justin Irons

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Justin Irons

Justin Irons is graduating from the Masters of Business Administration this term! We took a few minutes to get to know him more. What has been your favorite class? Finance What did you study as an undergrad? Organizational Communication and Negotiation What has been your favorite assignment so far? Group based scenario negotiations What do

Tips for Success in Graduate School and Resources to Explore: Insights from Samara Hough

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Entering graduate school is a significant decision that often requires careful planning, finding the right resources, and making the necessary adjustments for success. In a recent episode of “Victors in Grad School,” hosted by Dr. Christopher Lewis, the conversation with Samara Hough, the director of the Center for Gender and Sexuality at the University of

Graduate Student Spotlight: Brianna Kemp

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We return this week with another Graduate Student Spotlight! Today’s student is Brianna Kemp of our Physician Assistant program! Brianna is a student with a deep appreciation for her chosen subject. She started out her career in higher education here at UM-Flint with her bachelor’s degree, a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. Brianna has since

Quion Wheeler’s Journey in Public Administration and Law Enforcement

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The transition from undergraduate to graduate school can be challenging and daunting, especially for first-generation college students. In this blog post, we will delve into the experiences of Quion Wheeler, a detective and school resource officer with the Pontiac School District, who pursued a master’s degree in public administration at the University of Michigan’s Rackham

Graduate Student Spotlight: Myron David Henderson Jr

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Today’s Graduate Student Spotlight highlights Master of Public Administration student, Myron David Henderson Jr! Myron studied Political Science in his undergraduate education and has followed his interest there to study public policy. Myron has a deep interest in different policy types, and enjoys how his current studies allow him to learn more! He’s done a

Overcoming Challenges and Finding Success in Grad School: A Journey with Dr. John Long

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Graduate school is a challenging yet rewarding journey that demands determination, resilience, and a passion for learning. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the insightful conversation between Dr. Christopher Lewis and Dr. John Long, a senior lecturer in engineering at Deakin University in Australia. Dr. Long shares his remarkable journey through graduate school, offering

Graduate Student Spotlight: RoShawndra Opara

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Hello, and welcome back to another week of the Graduate Student Spotlight! This week, we’re covering RoShawndra Opara of our Ed.D program! RoShawndra’s current studies are a continuation of her undergraduate focus, where she received a bachelor’s degree in education, specifically in PreK-12th grade teaching, with an emphasis on English and Math. In her graduate

Graduate Student Spotlight: Ekbal Alnajar

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Ready for the New Year? Before we leap into 2024, it’s time for one last highlight of 2023! Today’s Graduate Student Spotlight is for Ekbal Alnajar, a dual degree graduate student studying for his Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Dynamics *and* his Master of Business Administration! Ekbal is continuing his studies into business

Graduate Student Spotlight: Alivia Combs

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Welcome back to our regular Graduate Student Spotlight! Today’s graduate student is Alivia Combs, a Master of Business Administration student! Alivia is working hard as a graduate student, and enjoys her studies, taking a keen interest in her entrepreneurship classes. In her undergraduate degree, she studied music- now she focuses on marketing within her graduate