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Welcome back to our regular Graduate Student Spotlight! Today’s graduate student is Alivia Combs, a Master of Business Administration student! Alivia is working hard as a graduate student, and enjoys her studies, taking a keen interest in her entrepreneurship classes. In her undergraduate degree, she studied music- now she focuses on marketing within her graduate program, and enjoys taking part in activities where she has to use her graduate skills to find unique solutions. We asked Alivia our usual questions, and here’s what she had to say!

What’s been your overall favorite experience in your program?

I think my overall favorite experience was getting to the semi finals of the zillion solutions competition.

Where do you like to study best?

I prefer to study at home at my kitchen table. Having the ability to be present at home and at school is very important to me.

Any advice for students considering grad school?

I was someone who didn’t want to go to grad school after undergrad. After graduating though I knew I didn’t want my education to stop there. I wanted more opportunities and experiences so I applied and got in. I think grad school is probably one of my best experiences so far with school. I’m treated as an adult and healed to high standards. Grad school isn’t easy but it opens doors to relationships and experiences that I didn’t know I needed at the time. Also if you go into it right after undergrad it’s much easier to keep the flow of school rather than taking a break.