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We return this week with another Graduate Student Spotlight! Today’s student is Brianna Kemp of our Physician Assistant program! Brianna is a student with a deep appreciation for her chosen subject. She started out her career in higher education here at UM-Flint with her bachelor’s degree, a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. Brianna has since moved on into her Physician Assistant program, and leapt into her studies. She prefers to work hands-on with her assignments, particularly enjoying her skill assessments, as she gets the chance to show what she’s been learning! She has an interest in epidemiology as well, one of her favorite classes being Medical Foundations of PA, where she learned about different types of diseases and conditions. We’re happy to have a student like Brianna, and grateful that she’s here at Flint! We asked Brianna a few questions, and here’s what she had to say:

What Has Been Your Favorite Assignment so Far?

The evidence based medicine presentation my friends and I did on transposition of the great arteries!

What’s Been Your Overall Favorite Experience in Your Program?

I would say my favorite experience of PA school has been building life long friendships with my classmates! If it was not for them my experience throughout PA school would not be the same, I got very lucky to have met them!

Where Do You Like to Study Best?

The study rooms of the 4th floor of the William S. White building.

Any Advice for Students Considering Grad School?

Grad school is not the same as undergrad in many aspects. While I have enjoyed grad school much more it has also been very challenging. I think it is important to have a good support system and to practice self-care while in grad school. The stress of doing well in your courses while financially supporting yourself can be draining; having someone in your corner and coping mechanisms to help you find a sense of balance and calm can make all the difference!