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Hello, and welcome back to another week of the Graduate Student Spotlight! This week, we’re covering RoShawndra Opara of our Ed.D program! RoShawndra’s current studies are a continuation of her undergraduate focus, where she received a bachelor’s degree in education, specifically in PreK-12th grade teaching, with an emphasis on English and Math. In her graduate studies, RoShawndra enjoys exercises involving hands-on activities, as she enjoys working with other people the most, finding that such experiences give her excellent learning opportunities. Her favorite class so far has been with Dr. Magnuson, the topic being on equivalency issues and ethics in education. We asked her our usual questions, and here are her responses:

What’s been your overall favorite experience in your program?

Working as a Graduate Student Research Assistant! I work with Dr. John Girdwood, and he has been very supportive and helpful. I am learning a lot from my experiences working with him, he has a host of knowledge and a wealth of experience!

Where do you like to study best?

At the library.

Any advice for students considering grad school?

Go for it! It is not easy work, but if you put in the work, your goal can definitely be accomplished. Do not be too timid to reach out to others for help, if need be. Mentors are very important in my Doctoral Journey. I would not have made it this far without supportive mentors. I also mentor 5th/6th graders so I understand the impact of mentoring and how it helps to create success.