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Ready for the New Year? Before we leap into 2024, it’s time for one last highlight of 2023! Today’s Graduate Student Spotlight is for Ekbal Alnajar, a dual degree graduate student studying for his Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Dynamics *and* his Master of Business Administration! Ekbal is continuing his studies into business from his undergraduate degree, a Bachelor’s of Business Administration. Ekbal enjoys studying a wide array of topics in his programs, from international management, to leadership, to best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion. He’s interested in where these topics intersect, and how to best use them together! We asked Ekbal our questions, and here’s what he had to say:

What’s been your overall favorite experience in your program?

Learning from experienced faculty and professionals, networking with other students and professionals, and participating in case studies and simulations.

Where do you like to study best?

I like to study best in a quiet place where I can focus without distractions.

Any advice for students considering grad school?

Make sure that it is the right time for you, and do your research. There are many different MBA/MSLOD programs available, so get involved in extracurricular activities, get good grades, and get strong letters of recommendation.