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We’re doing something a little bit different this week on the graduate blog– we’re not highlighting a student, but one of our fabulous faculty members! Our professors, much like our graduate students, are some of the best, and we want to show them off to everyone! We’re starting by highlighting Accounting and Auditing Professor in the School of Management, Cathleen Miller! 

Cathleen went to school for accounting, and later wound up finding her way into becoming a professor. She loves working with her students, and finds that they always have something new to teach her– she has worked on several projects with her graduate students in the past, and still works on new projects now! She currently works, in addition to teaching her classes, on studying diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of accounting, working with a graduate student to do so.

This is in addition to her work on UM-Flint’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance or VITA class. VITA as a class offers students in accounting the opportunity to put what they’ve learned into practice, helping community members prepare their tax returns. Cathleen is proud of the program, and the work it does for the community, as well as the practice it gives students. Currently, she is also working with professor of Psychology, Jennifer Lacosse and her research assistants on a project studying the psychology of the VITA project, recording and studying the reactions to and reasons for those who use the VITA program. 

With a passion for teaching and helping those around her, we’re proud that Professor Miller is one of our faculty members! Thank you Cathleen!