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It’s still technically the start of the New Year…why not bring a new Faculty Spotlight with it? Today we’re highlighting one of our fantastic faculty members, Christina Snider! Christina teaches Pediatrics and Primary care in our Master of Science in Nursing and Doctorate of Nursing Practice programs.

Christina is a skilled faculty member who works closely with her students. She often assists students with their DNP research, working with them to ensure they have polished work likely to get published. Christina also often takes students to RAM, Regional Area Medical, where she works with her students to provide healthcare to underserved individuals in Appalachia.

“One of my favorite memories of teaching, is hearing how the experience at RAM has impacted my students as individuals, and as healthcare providers.” Christina remains proud of her students, and continues to appreciate working with them, as well as her fellow faculty members. She enjoys the support of the University of Michigan system, and uses her skill in the field to advise students across their academic careers. In her free time, she enjoys exercise, yoga, travel, and gardening.

Outside of her teaching, Christina is also currently working with the North Eastern Michigan Community Service Agency. Through her partnership with them, they work to provide clinical experiences to students, as well as provide pre-school physicals in underserved areas. They also work to assist with the mental health of these children’s parents and caregivers.

Christina is an excellent example of the kindness and quality of our faculty members. Thank you for all that you do, Christina!