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It’s the return of the Graduate Student Spotlight! This week, we’re highlighting Meghan Bleck! Meghan is currently studying for a Master of Arts in Secondary Education with Certification! She majored in History and Criminal Justice in her undergraduate degree, and takes a special interest in studying sexism in middle and high school settings, and how the education system should handle it. Meghan loves her program, excited that she and the rest of her cohort are getting hands-on experiences in the classroom right away! Thank you for participating, Meghan! Here’s what she had to say about her UM-Flint experience so far in her words:

What Has Been Your Favorite Assignment So Far?

A presentation on the sexism that female students face in middle and high school settings and how Michigan handles it and what the legislation covers and potentially could/should cover in the future to make education more equitable for all.

What Do You Prefer Studying Within Your Program?

I would prefer being able to pick classes that specifically align with how to teach social studies classes but understand that the MAC program has to give general guidelines on how to teach that can be applied broadly across content areas.

What’s Been Your Overall Favorite Experience in Your Program?

I love that we are in a classroom observing things from the very beginning instead of waiting. Many of my friends who are teachers, including my mom, have told me that the worst thing about undergraduate teaching programs is that you have to wait so long before you actually get hands-on experience in a classroom, and then a lot of people may decide they don’t like teaching or working with students actually, but they’re almost done with the program so they just finish it out. I like that this program gives people an idea right away of whether or not they like working in a school setting or with students in the first place instead of having to waste time and money figuring out it is not a good fit.

Where Do You Like To Study Best?

I prefer UM Flint’s library or my living room. The library, for sure, if I need a quiet space to work.

Any Advice for Students Considering Grad School?

Time Management. Learn it. Love it. Forget about it. Regret it. Repeat.