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Today, we’re highlighting a graduating student we’ve featured before! Marquonda Wyatt has finished her graduate education, and is moving on to her next steps in life! Congratulations, Marquonda! We hope to continue to see great things from you going forward into the future! Here’s what Marquonda had to say:

Why Did You Choose Your Major?

I opted for my major due to my passion for business in terms of the innovative and value addition processes in which can do society just. Moreover, the creative thinking processes are efficiently in full effect as well.

What Are Your Plans After Graduating?

I intend on gaining experience within the workplaces that consist of Marketing or Human Resources, however, I am open-minded to the various sectors within the business world. Ultimately, my long-term goal would be to pursue my entrepreneurial endeavors, therefore, I have recently accomplished my goal of releasing my first inspirational poetry book referred to as Poetical Sensations: A Random Creative Fusion of Tasteful Poems. The random and inspirational content is in regards to life, present world events, philosophy, spirituality, positivity, and so forth. This uplifting read is available online on the following platforms of Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Hence, I am blessed to announce that I happen to have a plethora of forthcoming creative projects. Please feel free to stay tuned!

What is Your Favorite Memory of Your Graduate Studies?

My favorite memory of my graduate studies happens to be in association with all of my studies. I fancy all of my studies equally, thereby, I have strived to acquire as much knowledge as I can in order to apply it to society for the greater good. Thus, I believe that I have experienced augmented growth interpersonally and professionally, thanks to my following studies.