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Today we’re returning with another Graduate Student Spotlight! Today’s graduate student is Emma DeBaeke-Brighton, who is studying Physical Therapy for her graduate education! Emma started out studying exercise science in her undergraduate education, which has helped her move on to her graduate studies. She loves working with UM-Flint’s community partners to help those in need while also practicing her physical therapy skills! Emma enjoys learning how to communicate best with her patients, dedicated to discovering the best ways to help them recover quickly and effectively. We asked Emma our usual questions, and here’s what she had to say:

What has been your favorite assignment so far?

Working with our community partners, individuals from the community in need of physical therapy. I enjoy volunteering with patients and being able to provide physical therapy services and practice documentation.

What do you prefer studying within your program?

Pelvic Health, Chronic Pain Management, and Neurological conditions

What’s been your overall favorite experience in your program?

Volunteering at Move More- we provide high intensity gait training for individuals post stroke!

Where do you like to study best?

In my home office with my dog, Breeze, on my lap!

Any advice for students considering grad school?

Preparing to apply for graduate school can be stressful. When preparing your resume it’s important to find activities that you enjoy to fulfill the graduate program’s recommendations and help you stand out during interviews.