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Spooktacular Flash Fiction Contest Short Story Winner

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We would like to congratulate Ronan Streby for their winning short story, as part of our Spooktacular Flash Fiction contest! “The Coldwater Incident,” by Ronan Streby My Dad never liked 4th of July much. While everyone else ate barbeque and blew stuff up, he mostly just sat inside and read. He’d never say why, just

Why We Write

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There’s a fallacy out there in society today that says writing is irrelevant. Vlogs, podcasts, and short-form social media add credence to the idea that current and future generations will learn and communicate through spoken, not written, word.  Opposed to this popular new concept is The University; seen these days by the young as a

Blooming at the End

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The Writing Center is home to many interesting, talented tutors and writers. Jordan Morrow is both. I asked him how he’s grown as a writer. In his typical witty and charmingly sarcastic manner, he responds with: “I water myself once a day and make sure I get plenty of sun.” Then he laughs, but I

Never Wrong: Or How to Listen to Your Reader

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A few semesters ago I took a poetry writing class. For one poem, I was trying something different with my line lengths and rhythm. The teacher commented on the first draft that the rhythm was not working, and that I should try to break the lines up more. Breaking the lines up more was exactly