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Scrap Paper: A Creative Writing Newsletter February Issue

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This just in! The Marian E. Wright Writing Center now has a creative writing newsletter. Please enjoy our first issue of Scrap Paper, a newsletter dedicated to: This issue covers creative writing tips on topics like “Creating Your Own Writing Space” and “Setting Goals and Deadlines”. It also covers UM-Flint’s Poetry Award, Qua Literary and

Profiles in Process: Cecilia W.

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Continuing our conversation with Writing Center tutors about their unique writing process, here is what Cecilia had to say about her process. We hope you find some helpful tips and advice! What are your favorite pre-writing strategies? What works for you? I’m a big fan of making lists of words, topics, and general ideas. I don’t

Why We Write

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There’s a fallacy out there in society today that says writing is irrelevant. Vlogs, podcasts, and short-form social media add credence to the idea that current and future generations will learn and communicate through spoken, not written, word.  Opposed to this popular new concept is The University; seen these days by the young as a

Ideas about Teaching and Learning from a Tutor and Learner

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For those who don’t know, I do personal tutoring for kids in primary and secondary school. As of late, this work has been exclusive for one family near me with two children. I tutored both, but the oldest is now at university, so now its just the youngest who works with me. With him, I

Writing as Therapy

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Life is not easy; not that I really have to tell any of you that. Things aren’t always good and sometimes we have to avoid them to keep ourselves safe. In the event that things get out of control, it becomes categorized as an interference on life and sometimes a mental illness. Treatments often include

Stress Relief for End of Semester Projects

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Smashing the Block A little samurai action is a good way to release frustrations, but we’re not all black belts, so instead, deep breaths, and maybe a jog up and down the stairs might just do the trick. This is the time of year when we are all on the edge of burnout. Tests, papers,