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We would like to congratulate Meghan Bleck for her winning poem, as part of our Spooktacular Flash Fiction contest!

Looming, by Meghan Bleck

It lurks in the shadows
It disturbs all my peace
It strangles me with silence
It torments like a beast.

The sounds it makes both trouble and startle

Hitching my breath, was that a gurgle?

Did it come from the closet? Is it in my mind?

QUICK! I think I’m running out of time…

I can feel it approaching,

Look over my shoulder.

Empty space…

…but… did it just get colder?

I’m starting to sweat,

I should just give in.

I don’t like this feeling,

I can’t let fear win.

No matter the month, this creature is there

I try to deflect, but it only causes more despair.

It would serve me well to remember the earnest key,

For the creeping deadline is regretfully upon me.