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We want to congratulate Mitzi Jackson, who wrote the winning poem for our 5th Annual Love Stinks Writing Contest!

Thirteen Shades of Green        By Mitzi Jackson

I was sitting on stratus clouds watching Gods as they walked by

When I saw him standing like Solomon did

Hanging child under his wrist

Bold black, confident black ain’t we lucky we got em’ black

Don’t know if it was the stars in my eyes or the white

Of his teeth shine……I fell and his eyes caught me

We lay on blades of grass where I became sprinkled sand

Over wet lands… he split me open like watermelon on a summer’s day

                                                                      And yes I was happy

Strong black, proud black, 1970s Mac black

Too many phones, too many nights, too many times in flight

Baller, stunting, shot caller,                 my ears rings

Why can’t you fake that smile you do for them          with  me

Gorilla, My love, my love, my winding sheet?

My belly becoming full like the moon

I whisper to you when you sleep “what—are—we—going—to– do?”

Surrounded by red and blue sun sounds….got me feeling rather down    now I’m

Sitting inside of thirteen shades of green

Holding myself I sing….Hush little baby, don’t say a word

Yo ass should have left me in those clouds, Knowing you wouldn’t be around    

                                as beautiful of a sound         our love made

               I am left poisoned   with Envy