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Mitzi was chosen as the winner of the poetry category during our February 2018 Love Stinks writing contest.


My Only Answer (or New Beginnings)

~One sweet death with me tonight~

He be like

lighting to my system, insides mangled, bones cut and contorted

pain as beautiful as leaves

singing and twisted in the rain

under the spotlight, hanging tonight so close to, the earth

Blue Moon

     He be like

frightening after the pulsating rhythm, has ended, he wipes my blood

off him one calculated move

practice no doubt made perfect, possibly

Hunter’s Moon

     I be like

icing to his fucked up day, to his fucked up life, being dark in a world full

Of light

And this white dress, pressed

tightly to this black skin, reminds him too much of evenings

sweating under

Blood Moon

                                  And Lord I be like crying

my insides dying, crushed sunflowers under, his feet, and he say he love me

bulging eyes and twisted mouth

toes sweeping light hum of mist, my only answer matching his bliss

New Moon Daughter