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Some tips that can help with writers block.

  • Make a list
    • List your thoughts
    • Feelings
    • ideas

Your list doesn’t have to make sense or follow any order. The point is to get your thoughts out and onto paper in hopes of creating some ideas that you can use.

  • Talk to someone or talk to yourself
    • Get your thoughts out
    • Sometimes it helps to speak to someone about what your working on

Keeping you thoughts bottled up sometimes don’t help you at all. Speaking to someone or even just talking out loud to yourself can help. When other people are responding back to your ideas that can really help you to get started.

  • Step away from your work
    • Have some free time
    • Do something fun
    • Go out and hang with friends

Sometimes when you have writer’s block its because you have been working on something for too long. If the thoughts weren’t flowing an hour ago while you sat at your computer screen then they probably aren’t going to start flowing anytime soon. So step away from it and go and enjoy yourself.

Some people are way too hard on themselves when they have writers block. It happens to everyone and you just have to find a way to work through it.