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This poem was the 2nd Place Winner in our 4th Annual Poetry Contest.


Strange to say, but at the start of this maze I was seated

Reading feverishly, at every break I only seemed more defeated

The more I read, the less I knew

The less I said, the lower I flew

Down came a glass, crashing to the ground

And out came my psyche to wander around

The past is chasing me as sweat drips in my eye

And just for a moment I begin to cry

External crashes used to lead to one place

The horrors that happened in front of my face

I have acquired the talent to push them aside

But a fool I would be to leave them denied

So through this maze I must travel

As the confusion of life begins to unravel

My face stood still in the most somber of dazes

Until a voice from afar brought me back from these places

As I took in the room, my heart started to fill

The conversations in the background were no longer still

People were talking while music filled the air

And more of my presence seemed to be there

It is nice to feel if only for a second

That this chase is beginning to involve the present