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I have had Writer’s Block for quite some time now regarding the content of this blog post. On top of the Writer’s Block, I have also not had time to write anything up. When it comes to writing freely, I need time to brainstorm and think of the perfect topic. However, if the topic is not perfect, I will not enjoy the writing process or result.
As I was expressing my frustrations with not knowing what to write about, one of my friends/co-workers suggested I that just talk about how busy I have been and how busy we all are, in general, especially as college students. With that idea, I looked back on last semester (Fall 2016)… I certainly had a lot going on, and honestly, I am not quite sure how I successfully survived, both socially and academically! Not only did I have 16 credits, I also had two jobs to work, as well as 15 hours per week working at my internship, was on the executive board for a club, all while studying for the LSAT. Again, not sure how I survived…! Other than assigned readings and assignments, I did not have time for leisurely activities like reading or writing.
This semester, though, I have carved out time every week to read at least 30 minutes to an hour. My schedule has not really changed, except for less time at my internship and more time throughout the week for my classes, homework, planning, and jobs. I think it is incredibly important that we make time for our hobbies and things we enjoy, like binge-watching Netflix, or like me, reading. It helps to keep us sane and less stressed. Moreover, the less stressed we are, as college students, the better we will perform academically. I know that if it were not for those moments when I put time aside to focus on relaxing and doing things I enjoyed, I would not have been as successful as I was last semester.