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This poem was the 3rd Place Winner in our 3rd Annual Poetry Contest.


5’3 with an itty bitty waist, with some itty bitty tittys and a pretty brown face

19, with a gap in my teeth, I’m addicted to weave but that’s the only thing fake

96 was when my mom gave birth to me

I can’t describe how much that woman’s worth to me

I love my dad, but he cheated on my mom

Not once, not twice, I think it’s still going on…

And she still with him

I hate to see them together

I’m in a bad place and I don’t know whether, to weather this storm or to scream in her face

Man, I hate to face that pretty brown face

I might as well get a mirror, I see me when I see her

I see…Hold up, where’s the windex

I see me when I see her

But yo, I swear to God I do not want to be her

But yo, I pray to God she knows her baby girl sees her

So if I catch my man slippin, I pray to God I won’t kill him

Chaotic, psychotic women I’m too pretty for prison

25 to life, I’m too little for prison

Confliction within my feelings I should stop reminiscing

I should…

Not share my business, I’m sorry, I’m trippin

Forget the windex, please look at me with cloudy vision

So identity piece huh? Well this all imma say

5’3, no tits and a pretty brown face.