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This poem was the 1st Place Winner in our 3rd Annual Poetry Contest.


We were opposites, she and I,

She of the earth and I of the sky.

She ruled day while I ruled night,

She worshiped the ground as I took flight.

But even so we longed to meet

To have our faces lay cheek to cheek,

But we danced to different tunes,

She the sun and I the moon.

Yet, she lit up my dark, I calmed down her day.

Was that the way things had to stay?

Consumed by darkness and forever apart,

I almost destroyed what was left of my heart.

But she of the earth was stronger than I,

She danced to the sun, a fire in her eyes.

Moving the sun with her tale of romance,

The sun shared of its light to give us a chance

So, one by one, they came to appear

Little Suns in the night, so magic and dear.

A sign of true love, or so the tale goes,

That she shared of her sun to lighten my woes;

I laughed in joy at their beautiful glow,

And so the wind sang to her down below.

We dance to the tune, of wind and starlight;

Now bound together, our love shines bright.