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I struggled thinking about what I should write for this blog post, and initially thought to write about procrastination. Then I decided that this subject was horribly cliched and overdone, and so for a great deal of time I thought about which subject I should tackle. About which subject I could write on extensively, and make concise, insightful points on in a limited space. Brevity is the sole of wit, or whatever. I then had a revelation in which I concluded that this is just a blog post, and I have many, many other things which deserve a great deal of my consideration and attention.

Is there a message here? A moral, even? As someone who spends great amounts of time unnecessarily sweating over various trivialities and responsibilities where not much is at stake, I’d like to impart some wisdom: Prioritize your responsibilities. Stress is a good motivator, but it should be rationed. You can only push yourself so hard before you shut down.

Alright, lecture’s over. Go write assignments and stuff.