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When it comes to creative writing all students have trouble starting off at some point or another. Something to help that is to think of stories that they like and to have spin-offs of what they may have wanted to happen. You can do this for Netflix shows, movies, books or pretty much anything else. For example, say you were watching “Friends” and you didn’t like that, for instance, Monica and Chandler hook up. You could create your own little world similar to “Friends” and you can name these characters Ashley and Bob. Ashley and Bob never hook up and end up with Eric (Joey) and Rebecca (Rachel). This is a good for beginning writers who just want to start writing more and not necessarily want to get this piece of writing published. The more you write, the easier it will become.
However, writer’s blocks do happen and they can be overcome. If you experience one, just step away from the writing. Sometimes your brain just needs a rest to recuperate its thoughts and ideas. If that doesn’t help going to other people for ideas can give your brain a jump start. There’s no one clear cut way to get over writer’s block, but once when you do creativity will flow once again. I have had writers block before and just putting the story off for a day helped tremendously. I will even do this if I’m having trouble with a paper that’s due for a class.