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Shhh. Don’t tell anyone… but I have the most fun job on campus. Why is it the most fun job on campus, you ask? Because I get to meet all different kinds of people from all different kinds of places who are studying all different kinds of subjects, and writing about all different kinds of topics. It is the most fun! And there is always candy.

Let’s face it, writing can really be a pain sometimes. We can all struggle with communicating our ideas clearly. The writing process is different for everyone, and there are times that it doesn’t go as smoothly as we want. I get to work with people who are struggling, fearful, worried, confident, or even just a little unsure about what they are doing. During a session, we just talk about whatever the writer is working on, and I get to help them be confident that they are saying what they mean. And, they get to have candy.

I get to meet writers who are studying all kinds of things I may or may not have thought about, and learn from those writers. I love this job in part because I get to read about all kinds of interesting things – from art history to zoology and everything in between. Sometimes the writer is writing about something they are very comfortable with, and sometimes they are writing outside of their own personal comfort zone. Either way, I get to learn from them… and eat candy.

My co-workers are all people who are kind and compassionate, and who know how to talk to writers about writing. They are also very creative and come up with all kinds of fun activities like writing contests for Valentine’s Day, and Poetry month. Also, we have candy.

Part of the fun of coming to work at this job is the “unknown” component of each day. On my drive up Saginaw Street I often wonder; “who will I get to meet today?”, “what will I read about?”, and “what wonderful things will I learn?” What I am sure of on my drive is that my day will never be the same as yesterday. I will never be bored, and I will leave the writing center with more knowledge than I came with. And they pay me to do this! Yes indeed, this is the most fun job on campus. And, did I mention there is candy?

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