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Appointments at the Marian E. Wright writing center are primarily set up between thirty minute and one hour appointments.  It is important to note that the guidelines regarding these two types of appointments are based on the length of the paper that will be discussed. It is suggested that students make appointments of 30 minutes long when the paper is fewer than 5 pages long and make an hour appointment for papers between 5 and 10 pages long.

What is often forgotten is that a paper that is 4 pages long and double-spaced has half the information that a paper of the same length with single spacing consists of.  It is vital for students to understand that the guidelines for setting appointments are based on double spaced papers. If someone has a 4 paged single spaced paper then they need to book a one hour appointment because if it was double spaced it would cover about 8 pages.

Just keep this in mind when booking appointments!