Favorite vacation spots

Since it’s the week of spring break, let’s talk about favorite vacation spots.

Today’s favorite vacation spot story comes from Barb Griffin, Secretary Senior at the Student Success Center.

Barb says her favorite vacation spot is Sedona, Arizona (which was recommended to her by a former student employee):

After vacationing a few days in the Grand Canyon area, we drove to Sedona, Arizona.  The road you travel from the Grand Canyon to Sedona has hairpin curves, winding down and through magnificent and beautiful red rocks.  The best description I could give of Sedona compared to the Grand Canyon would be that you look down  into the Grand Canyon to see the beautiful colors of the mountains.  In Sedona, you are looking up at the gorgeous red rocks that tower high above.  This picturesque city is surrounded by the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen.  Of course spending time with my husband in Sedona and the Grand Canyon made it all the more beautiful.  We are going again this year.

Where was your favorite vacation?