Archive | July, 2013

How do I Change My Major?

Most of us change our major at least once before we graduate, but how exactly do I make it official? Changing your major in SIS There are two routes you can take when changing your major in the system. The first is through your SIS account. Start by going to the “Student Services” tab and […]

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How Close am I to Graduating?

I want to know what classes I’ve taken and which ones I still need to take to graduate, how can I find this? The Degree Evaluation: Your Best Friend The simplest and most efficient way to quickly see what classes you’ve already taken, what requirements you’ve already fulfilled AND what classes and requirements you still […]

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Viewing Holds on Your Account

I think I have an hold on my account, how can I be sure? What is a hold? A hold is a restriction placed on your student account by a department or administrative office due to some unfulfilled requirement. These can range from Cashier’s holds for an unpaid balance to a departmental hold for required […]

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