Career Fair Success Stories!

“I wanted to send you a follow up note from the Fall Career Fair that I attended on Wednesday at U of M Flint.  You and your students did a great job.  It was very well organized, and very easy to find where I needed to go for lunch and for the set up.  The students were extremely helpful and courteous. In addition I wanted to let you know that I was impressed with the caliber of the students.  I met several that I will be conducting interviews with for positions or internships. I look forward to coming back for the Winter Career Fair.”

– Chad DeBord – Employer


“It was great. U of M did an outstanding job! Great job fair. Well worth my time!”

– Vanessa Nelson, Hurley Medical Center – Employer


“What surprised my peers and I the most was how professional the underclassmen presented themselves. I was proud to see so many freshmen and sophomores presenting themselves professionally by the way they dressed, spoke and the questions they asked. I am so proud to see the underclassmen taking charge of their future but actively planning for it.”

– Mia Bell – Student


“Here are my thoughts on my first career fair:

  • There was a nice variety of professions represented.
  • I enjoyed my conversations with many employers, especially Hurley, Genesee Intermediate School District and Cleary University.
  • I loved that the Hurley representative, Vanessa, did a quick interview and looked over my resume.  That was great experience and she was so personable.  I wish more employers would have done something like that.
  • I felt it was a great opportunity to meet face to face with potential employers.  So often everything is submitted online and you never get to have any face to face contact.  I really miss that.
  • Many booths had great set-ups while others had no sign stating who they were representing.  I didn’t really feel like visiting those tables because I felt if they weren’t organized enough to take the time to set up properly, then I probably wouldn’t want to work for them anyway since I am VERY organized and prepared.
  • There wasn’t really a need to print off many resumes since most employers didn’t take them anyway.  They said to apply online.  I was only able to hand out 6 resumes of the 30 I printed.
  • I did get some helpful hints about more effective ways of job searching through different companies’ employment websites.  I have even uploaded my resume to, thanks to your recommendation. I have also filled out the Job Interest Card with the State.”

– Jackie Howes – Alumnus


“Everything was great! Very organized and the students seemed prepared. The location was easy to find and spacious. Thanks for letting us be part of this event! We will definitely be following up with your students!”

– Alisha Roberts, Quicken Loans – Employer


“I really appreciate all the effort that you and your staff have put forth to organize such a successful event. I am researching several employers and am working on my elevator speech. Thanks again for all your help.”

– Denise Martin – Student