Interview/Career Fair advice from Maggie Golembiewski, Advisor and Career Counselor

This article, “5 common interview questions –and how to answer them” has some great advice for job seekers. Here are the five questions and one suggestion for each, but you can click on the article link to read more!

1) Tell me about yourself.

Focus on three or four areas within your resume that are relevant to the job posting, but avoid repeating your resume; instead, highlight accomplishments or ways in which the experience will transfer. This is not a question about your personal life.

2) What do you know about the company?

Talk about why you are interested in the company, focusing on background and structure.

3) What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Talk about strengths relevant to the job and only mention one weakness, as well as how you are overcoming it.

4) Why are you leaving your current position/ why do you want this job?

Focus on the positive and what you can do for the employer!

5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Make sure the recruiter knows you plan to stick with the company.

Comment to share creative answers to these questions, or answers that landed you a job!