WHY should I attend the Winter 2014 Career Fair?

Why should you attend ANY career fair? Why not just apply online?

Here’s why:

Applying for a position online will give you no more than 2 percent of a chance at the job, and getting hired is about personal connections, says Paul Bernard, founder of a career management consulting firm in New York City.

huge majority of job seekers are using online postings to apply for jobs, while not utilizing other sources, which could make it hard to stand out.

Also, 55-80% of jobs are filled without any online posting!

Let’s be honest. Online, you have a name, but no face. You’re one of many sending (long) resumes and cover letters. In person, you have a chance to make a good impression. Spend no more than 10% of your job search online – get out there and make a good impression at our Winter 2014 Career Fair!

Keep reading! My next post will feature tips on how to stand out at your next career fair.