WANTED: Inspiration

By Adrienna Martinez

With the fall semester beginning and my first time living on campus, there has been a lot of new information flying around. Where are good places to eat? Where are all my classes this time around? The atmosphere is hectic and schedules are piling up with every passing day. Due to the nearly overwhelming amount of happenings around campus, it can become difficult to take a step back and look around. It is in this chaos that you can find some interesting inspiration. There are stories in something as small as an ant using all its strength to pull a cheeto across the pavement to something as large as all the freshmen frantically looking for their next class. Similarly, an empty college campus on the weekends can spark an incredible piece. There is truly a story in everything you come across in daily life. That being said, if you are tired of writing about the same old topics, try looking at the subject matter from a perspective you aren’t used to. Perhaps view the Flint Farmers’ Market as an international meeting place of an already diverse group of people, instead of just a place you get your organic goods from. Leave your comfort zone behind and explore. Everyone has their own focus and style, but it’s never a bad thing to expand your horizons and try a new angle. Go out into the world and don’t let that inspiration pass you by.