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Mother to Mother by Sindiwe Magona

A Book Review By: Christen Rachow On August 25, 1993, an American university student, Amy Biehl, was murdered in the South African township of Gugulethu. Five years later, South African writer Sindiwe Magona published her novel Mother to Mother, a deeply thought-provoking reflection on this historical moment of tragedy. On the one hand, Magona offers, first-and-foremost, […]

WANTED: Inspiration

By Adrienna Martinez With the fall semester beginning and my first time living on campus, there has been a lot of new information flying around. Where are good places to eat? Where are all my classes this time around? The atmosphere is hectic and schedules are piling up with every passing day. Due to the […]

Words: Creative Walls to Commodious Pathways

By: Benjamin Smith It’s no secret that the writer’s most powerful tool is its most fundamental unit: the word. The word is what grants the writer access to securing the accuracy of the subject or theme for which they strive, regardless of the form they ascribe themselves to. All creative methodologies employed in the writing […]

Redefining Writers Block

Here is the thing about writers block: it is not real. It does not exist. When you give such a term power, then it can take hold, intimidate and cause hesitation through fear. Think about dreams, the way our mind must sleep in order to process, think about how our bodies and minds need to […]