Qua is the University of Michigan-Flint’s biannual student-run literary and fine arts magazine. Currently we accept submissions for fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and art.

Our mission is to promote the work of writers and artists in the Flint and surrounding areas.

Qua Literary and Fine Arts Magazine favors lucid and robust writing that captures the attention and provokes reflection.  Manuscripts should be rich in substance, accessible to a varied audience, and original submissions with relevancy, clarity, and a head-turning style are likely to be chosen.

Sarah Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief

 Kristen Eynon, Graphic Designer


Benjamin Smith, Poetry Editor

Benjamin Smith is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and Criticism at the University of Michigan – Flint to later advance into Museum Studies. His love of all things literary was instilled early in life and, in its maturity, has been determined as the cause for his persistent huffing of aged books in various libraries. His intrigue and admiration of the arts is reflected in his own poetry, with countless allusions to classical masterpieces, timeless literary and mythological figures, and their respective, as well as universal, themes. His poetic works can be read, mocked, and ripped to shreds at hungry-hand.blogspot.com

Sarah Kenny, Prose Editor

Mohamed Magueramane, Assistant Poetry Editor

Austin Feehan, Assistant Prose Editor

 Benjamin Gaydos, Art & Design Advisor

Nic Custer, General Advisor