Qua is the University of Michigan-Flint’s biannual student-run literary and fine arts magazine. Currently we accept submissions for fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and art.

Our mission is to promote the work of writers and artists in the Flint and surrounding areas.

Qua Literary and Fine Arts Magazine favors lucid and robust writing that captures the attention and provokes reflection.  Manuscripts should be rich in substance, accessible to a varied audience, and original submissions with relevancy, clarity, and a head-turning style are likely to be chosen.

13925148_10208144288259125_6197152474039862165_nAnne Trelfa, Editor-in-Chief

Driving sweat drips from the / bend in my legs, / Behind my knees,  / In the bookstore there aren’t / enough seats, / Wandering with Iced / green/black tea / And a giant book / I’d like to / have / But costs too much. / All the voices of those I’m / shutting out / Trying to get alone alone,  / Trying to get alone. / Leave the books I’ve touched / sideways on top, / or wherever I’ve wandered, / carrying, / For the thought of someone else reacting, / Maybe through their agitated / ocd, their job, / maybe they’ve noticed it and / opened,  / regardless, I’ve held this, and / now, so have you. anneelaine.wordpress.com


Adrienna Martinez, Poetry Editor

Adrienna Martinez is an award-winning poet who loves to edit and proofread pieces. She has received numerous awards, including two Gold Keys for Scholastic Art & Writing. She has been published in her own high school magazine as well as the Michigan Youth Arts Festival booklets. She is bilingual and writes in English and Spanish. Her writing style usually deals with her heritage and culture and uses Spanish to enhance those themes. Despite being a freshman this year, she will be Qua’s poetry editor while studying Anthropology and Spanish & Linguistics.


funkChristen Rachow, Prose Editor

Magic is real.
Magic is the thing
that happens when I write,
when I read –
that moment
that leads me back
to my own humanness,
as if it was something I’d
forgotten over breakfast.

And, but now I am awake-suspended-
in these few words,
waiting for you to remember yourself.

I think,
If magic is an illusion,
let my whole life
pass me by
as just a dream.

As it is,
nothing is
ever as it seems, anyways.
(As in:
How does seeming seem, per say?)

So, hello.
I’m Christen,
a failed, biblical reference
that has become its own
a little like magic
only found on a page.

20150502_214412Gale Glover, Marketing Coordinator

Gale Glover, Flint Born, Flint Bred! Flint Educated! Gale is an alumni of the University of Michigan – Flint and received her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Africana Studies and her Master’s in Public Administration. Gale is currently enrolled in the Education Specialist post-master’s program and plans to eventually earn a Doctorate in Education. She has also been working within the University of Michigan system since 2008 and previously worked with mentally and physically disabled adults for over 20 years.

Gale is an advocate for her community and tackles subjects of social injustice. She has also managed to combine her passion for education with her passion for writing. She has authored three children’s books on higher education in addition to authoring a children’s book and an adult book on the Flint Water Crisis in an effort to diminish some of the negative effects that the water crisis has presented.

Gale has also most recently started her own business Glover Publishing & Community Outsourcing so that she may help others live their dream. Her business is also designed to support other local businesses and local artists as well as an avenue to bring jobs into the Flint Community.

edquaBenjamin Smith, Assistant Poetry Editor

Benjamin Smith is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and Criticism at the University of Michigan – Flint to later advance into Museum Studies. His love of all things literary was instilled early in life and, in its maturity, has been determined as the cause for his persistent huffing of aged books in various libraries. His intrigue and admiration of the arts is reflected in his own poetry, with countless allusions to classical masterpieces, timeless literary and mythological figures, and their respective, as well as universal, themes. His poetic works can be read, mocked, and ripped to shreds at hungry-hand.blogspot.com


IMG_20160523_130507Camryn Banks, Assistant Prose Editor

“Be more creative than power.”
Dr. Lyrae vanClief Stefanon

Camryn Banks, 16, of Flint, Michigan is a writer, poet, intellectual and social justice activist that lives and leads by this quote. Camryn attends Genesee Early College high school in conjunction with the University of Michigan-Flint. Camryn’s personal projects include her three writing websites. One site is exclusively for poetry, another for short fiction and the last for adventure journaling. During the summer semesters of 2015 and 2016, Camryn has received scholarships to attend creative writing and humanities seminars at Cornell University. These seminars involved intellectual sparring, extensive writing and research, intensive collegiate reading, and community building. Writing, poetry and self-expression are vital and valuable to Camryn as a poet and also as a student. This zeal is testament to her enthusiasm to be on board with QUA Literary Magazine.

https://forthepoetrypolice.wordpress.com/ Poetry Site
https://2minutesnippets.wordpress.com/ Short Fiction Site
http://camie407.blogspot.com/ Journaling Site

Angel Hubbard, Reader

Faiha Osman, Reader

Alyssa Evans, Reader

Jyothsna Ganesh, Reader

Spencer Cocking, Reader

Benjamin Gaydos, Art & Design Adviser