Beecher Students Tour Colleges

By Maria Salinas

college-toursSitting in school doing various academic enrichment activities during intercession, is often times repetitive! During April’s intercession, the students at Beecher Middle High School received a change of scenery! The students had the opportunity to visit a different college during their April Intercession. The Neff Center was able to accompany 21st Century, an afterschool program through Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) and other staff to Wayne State and Michigan State University. The students were able to receive overviews of the schools followed by a tour of the campus. The students were able to ask questions varying from subjects on classes to student life.

Arriving to Michigan State University campus was nothing new to the students at Beecher Middle High School. Many had visited the campus Breslin Center in support of their high school boys’ basketball team, which have won three championship games within the last four years. The students admired the size of campus and were only able to tour a portion of it due to the weather and time restrictions. Overall the students enjoyed the change of place and having the opportunity to gain academic enrichment in a different setting.