by Nic Custer

Assistant Professor Ben Gaydos, Visual Arts, led a free, 3-day design for good workshop, May 16- 18. The workshop examined how to re-imagine Flint’s green spaces including Mott Park.

Gaydos alongside designer Marc O’Brien and Julia Yezbick, a Harvard doctoral student in Anthropology, met with students and community members at the [IN] co-working space, 207 NBC.  Gaydos, O’Brien and Yezbick all met in Richmond, Virginia and have collaborated on various projects in the past.

The Mott Park Neighborhood Association and Flint Ward 6 Artist in Residence Eric Hinds worked directly with the design for good group as they examined local design challenges and sought out sustainable solutions. The workshop culminated in a community barbecue in the park.

The workshop began by discussing anthropological research techniques, such as ethnographies, which are descriptions of customs and cultures.

Hands on activities included stream-of-consciousness group writing and two word mash ups in the co-working space.

“We all believe that art and design can be used to create change, but we believe that there are certain best practices that need to be employed in order to have positive outcomes,” Gaydos commented.