University Outreach has been working with the Cass River Greenway Committee and various local partners to create a watershed management plan for the Cass River. The watershed plan identifies where hot spots for pollution are and how to fix them, alongside high quality natural areas to protect. The plan will be complete in December of 2012; and will be sent to the State of Michigan to be approved. Once approved, local non-profits and government agencies can receive federal and state grants to protect and restore the Cass River! Stay in the know by visiting

Want to know what watershed you live in? Find out online here. Everyone lives in a watershed, no matter where one lives, the rain and snow runs off to some nearby creek, river, or lake. For those of us who have a ditch or storm drain in front of our house, think of it as the “headwaters” to the Great Lakes. That’s right; the water that goes into that ditch or storm drain eventually makes it way to the Great Lakes via the Saginaw River into Lake Huron.

University Outreach serves many organizations who work to protect water quality by providing planning assistance, marketing and branding, mapping, and needs assessments. We also provide meaningful experiences for undergraduate students through internships and work-study positions on all of our water resource projects.

Working on your own business at home sounds great, doesn’t it? Work in your PJs if you like, play your favorite tunes, set your own hours, do exactly what you want when you want to!

But after a few months distractions conspire to undermine your good intentions. You start noticing that a certain neighbor drops in unannounced “because you’re not working anyway!” Your dog has increased his frequency of showing up at your side, with leash-in-mouth, lobbying you for a walk. That weird noise coming from the clothes dryer — you should probably have that looked at – and you really should fold that load before it gets all wrinkly. And it might be nice to get away from the blank screen document that has been plaguing you for the last half-hour. Except you need to get this done by Thursday.

Think it might be time to consider a change of scenery?

University Outreach’s Innovation Incubator [IN] offers a co-working space for anyone in the community who is getting weary of working alone at home, or needs to escape an office, or just needs a professional place to meet a client. Located in Flint’s Northbank Center Room 207, [IN] offers a comfortable, professional environment for visitors to escape distractions and work in peace. [IN] is open to students and the community from 9 am- 5 pm Monday through Friday. Best of all, the space is available at no charge, including free Wi-Fi access!

[IN] is a great environment for collaboration where natural networking arises. The co-working space is a good “neutral ground” to meet with perspective clients or business partners. Freelancers can have face-to-face meetings with clients in an environment that makes a good, professional impression. [IN] also has meeting space for up to 24 people that can be reserved, with some restrictions.  There are many business and non-profit resources available for your use as well.

Whether you’re trying to keep a deadline, write a novel, or meet a client, [IN] gives you a place to work free of needy dogs, laundry and that one pesky neighbor. Bring your laptop, and stop by sometime to take advantage of this free service!