Upcoming Courses



NOTE: Changes to the listings below may occur at any point.  Consult the course schedule for official offerings.  Speak to your advisor to be certain of the offerings before selecting your courses.



Like all classes at the university, the courses below will only be offered pending budgetary and administrative approval.  Even for courses that are approved for scheduling, some may be cancelled due to low enrollment:


Winter 2014:

i) ARH 112: Renaissance to Modern, Dr. Lippert

12:30-1:45pm, M/W


ii) ARH 111: Prehistory to Medieval, Holly Stevens (online)


iii) ARH 321: History of European and British 19th-century Art

2:30-3:45pm, M/W


iv) ARH 307: Ancient Rome, Dr. Gerry Hess (online)


v) ARH 411: Contemporary Art, Dr. Lippert

4:00-5:15pm, M/W


vi) ARH 511 Contemporary Art, Dr. Lippert (graduate course)

4:00-5:15pm, M/W