Major and Minor Program Info

Looking to take more art history? The Department of Communications and Visual Arts offers a minor in art history, a major in art history, and a Masters in Arts Administration. 

If you want a Bachelor of Arts in art history go ahead and share your thoughts by adding a new post–tell us why you want more art history.


The Art History program is designed to prepare capable, well-rounded students with superior understanding of art history and visual culture and skills in visual analysis, research and writing.  Graduates of the program are prepared for excellence in professional employment and graduate studies, and possess a commitment to service through knowledge and cultural tolerance.


A.   Art history.

  1.  ARH 111, ARH 112 (6 credits).
  2.  Advanced art history (24 credits).  From:  ARH 200, ARH 300, 400-level ARH courses.
  3.  Internship.  ARH 395 (1 cr.).
  4.  Senior thesis.  ARH 497 (2 cr.).
  5.  Senior capstone.  ARH 411 (3 cr.).

B.   Cognate requirements.

  1. History (6 credits).  HIS 210, HIS 211.
  2. Studio art (9 credits).  ART 131, ART 141, ART 142.
  3. Foreign languages (16 credits)FRN 111, FRN 112, FRN 211, FRN 212.
  4. Communication (3 credits)COM 210.
  5. Philosophy (3 credits). PHL 101.
  6. Anthropology (6 credits).  ANT 110, one from:  ANT 271, ANT 284, ANT 295, ANT 299.
  7. Arts and culture in diverse media (9 credits).  Three from:  AFA 206, AFA 207, AFA 215, AFA 216, AFA 250, COM 272, ENG 204, ENG 207, FFS 301, FFS 302, MUS 261 MUS 262, PHL 151, PHL 167, PHL 174, PHL 340, PHL 341, PHL 342PHL 343, PHL 366, PHL 380, THE 207, THE 239, THE 300, THE 301.

C.   All requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Bachelor of Arts degree, including distribution requirements, general education requirements, and at least 80 credits in non-ARH courses.

D.   A minor in a foreign language is recommended.



As per the fall 2013 catalogue:

The minor in Art History students with survey knowledge of western art from prehistory to the present, and advanced knowledge of a diverse range of western and non-western periods, concentrating on building skills in visual analysis, knowledge of the historical-social context of art from different eras and cultures, and awareness of methodologies in the discipline.

Requirements. At least 21 credits as follows, with a grade of C (2.0) or better in each course, and including a least 9 credits completed at UM-Flint.

  1. Art history survey sequence (6 credits)ARH 111, ARH 112.
  2. Art history electives (15 credits).  Additional ARH courses at the 200, 300, or 400 level selected in consultation with an Art History Program advisor.