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Censures and Investigations, Acts against Faculty

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National AAUP “UM-Flint Shared Governance Report” (2016)

Note: This document was authored by Debra Nails (MSU) and Dan Burns (U of M). Both are members of National AAUP. The report is largely based upon their 2016 analysis of a variety of U of M and UM-Flint policies. It is NOT authored by UM-Flint AAUP chapter members, and nor is it an official document of UM-Flint. However, it is an independent report that is available to UM-Flint faculty and administrators.

Review of UMF Governance by independent members of the national AAUP

UM-Flint Report related documents:

        Open-Governance Resolution U of M

        Parliamentary Motions Guide

        How to on Agendas, Minutes, and Reports (AAUP)

        Academic Freedom Primer (AAUP)

        Good Practice in Tenure Evaluation (AAUP)

        SACUA-OIE-Report (SACUA)

        Model Faculty Grievance Procedure (SACUA)




A) Core Association Policies, as well as Rights and Freedoms

1) Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities

2) Joint Statement on Rights and Freedoms of Students

3) Grappling with Collegiality and Academic Freedom by Timothy Shiell

4) Statement on Intellectual Property

5) Academic Freedom and National Security in a Time of Crisis, Report of the AAUP Special Committee on Academic Freedom and National Security in a Time of Crisis, October, 2003


B) Censures and Investigations, Acts against Faculty

1) Standards for Investigations in College and University Government

2) Use and Abuse of Faculty Suspensions

3) Investigative Procedures in Academic Freedom and Tenure Cases by Debra Nails


C) Best Practices:

1) Legal Primer for New & Not so New Administrators

2) Accommodating Faculty Members who have Disabilities

3) Campus Sexual Assault: Suggested Policies and Procedures

4) Institutional Accreditation: A Call for Greater Faculty Involvement

5) “Civility” from Issues

6) Faculty Communication with Governing Boards

7) Faculty Evaluation of Administrators

8) Faculty Employment Outside of the University: Conflicts of Commitment

9) Faculty Communication with Governing Boards: Best Practices

10) Resolution in Support of Faculty Control of the Curriculum

11) Suggested Best Practices for Research Universities

12) Ensuring Academic Freedom in Politically Controversial Personnel Decisions


D) Contingent and Untenured Faculty:

1) Contingent Appointments and the Academic Profession

2) Status of non-tenure-track Faculty

3) A Primer on Improving Contingent Faculty Appointments

4) The Inclusion in Governance of Faculty Members holding Contingent Appointments: Recommendations


E) Promotion, tenure, and compensation:

1) Faculty Salary Study Report on Gender 2012

2) Tenure and Teaching-Intensive Appointments (2014)

3) Recommended Institutional Regulations on Academic Freedom and Tenure


F) Fiscal Matters:

1) Financial Crisis FAQs

2) The Role of the Faculty in Conditions of Financial Exigency


G) Faculty and the Government:

1) Higher Education after the 2016 Election



1) UM-Flint AAUP Chapter Constitution

2) UM-Flint AAUP Orientation Letter to New Faculty



1) AAUP Policy Statements

2) Bulletin of the AAUP

3) AAUP Resources on Hiring and Promotions

4)Academe Blog

5) Resources on Contingent Appointments

6) How to Evaluate a Faculty Government Structure

7) Financial Crisis FAQs

8) News about our Efforts to Protect Faculty Speech