Resources for Faculty: committees, offices, individuals

Governance Bodies or Organizations that represent your interests as Faculty:

1) Senate Assembly (Ann Arbor):

Current UM-Flint elected member (tenured): Dr. John Ellis

Note: The site includes minutes of Senate meetings in Ann Arbor.

2) SACUA and its elected committees (Ann Arbor):

SACUA Faculty Grievance Application

Model Grievance Procedure

3) Faculty Council and university-wide elected standing committees (UM-Flint)

See also ‘Organizations’ when you login to Blackboard with your UM-Flint LAN password.

Chairs and members of Standing Committees:

List of Standing Committees: Click link to standing committees

4) Your School or College’s Executive Committee: See your Dean’s office website for meeting agendas and minutes.

5) Your School or College’s assembly of governing faculty and your unit’s elected standing committees: See your Dean’s office website or Blackboard for ‘organizations.’

6) Your Department’s Executive Committee (most departments at UM-Flint do not have standing executive or curriculum committees), and any other academic unit standing committees in your department: Typically important departmental resources will be on a special departmental drive. Ask your administrative assistant for guidance.

7) Faculty Ombudsman for UM-Flint: Dr. Tom Wrobel ([email protected])

8) UM-FLINT AAUP!! Contact officers Sarah Lippert, Jamile Lawand, Murali Mani or Jerry Sanders for assistance or more info.

The AAUP participates in advocacy for full and part-time faculty on campus. If you need advice or assistance with a professional conflict or circumstance please feel free to contact AAUP officers.  Whether as a confidential or active support request, the officers below are able to provide feedback and assistance as requested.

Jerry Sanders: [email protected], 762-3041

Jamile Lawand: [email protected], 762-3370

Murali Mani: [email protected], 762–3131

9) Campus-wide grievance appeal committee (consult the Provost’s website and UM-Flint Faculty Code for policies).

10) Your College or School’s grievance appeal committees (consult your unit’s website). Consult your School or College faculty codes for grievance procedures within these faculties.

11) Women’s Educational Center

12) For part-time faculty: LEO Union

13) Human Resources: Home page