On Thursday May 11th we took an hour train ride to Regensburg. Regensburg is considered a college town and it was amazing. We started our first night in Regensburg with dinner at a medieval restaurant. We ended up having a whole roasted pig for dinner that night.

Dinner at the medieval restaurant

We got the opportunity to take a boat tour down the Danube River to see Wallhala. The boat ride was wonderful because as you went down the river the tour pointed out buildings, villages, or landmarks.

Boat ride to Wallhala



If you can’t tell it was a long and steep hike, but it was amazing once you got to the top. Wallhala holds busts of distinguished people in German history. We were also lucky enough to be able to attend Maidult. It is Regensburg’s May festival. It was a wonderful experience and there were so many people that were in traditional German clothing (dirndl and lederhosen). Maidult is like a big carnival that had all sorts of rides, stalls, and food. It was an amazing experience.

Photo of Maidult
Dr. Molnar taking part in some of Maidult’s games.

We took many walks through the city and across the stone bridge. It lead to some of us getting lost (which was very easy to do in Regensburg), but that is part of learning about a place. Plus Regensburg is a very easy place to get lost in! We also did a tour of the old Rathaus house which was the old town hall. Regensburg seemed like a blink and it wasn’t long before we were on our way again!

Until next time!