On Thursday May 11th we took an hour train ride to Regensburg. Regensburg is considered a college town and it was amazing. We started our first night in Regensburg with dinner at a medieval restaurant. We ended up having a whole roasted pig for dinner that night.

Dinner at the medieval restaurant

We got the opportunity to take a boat tour down the Danube River to see Wallhala. The boat ride was wonderful because as you went down the river the tour pointed out buildings, villages, or landmarks.

Boat ride to Wallhala



If you can’t tell it was a long and steep hike, but it was amazing once you got to the top. Wallhala holds busts of distinguished people in German history. We were also lucky enough to be able to attend Maidult. It is Regensburg’s May festival. It was a wonderful experience and there were so many people that were in traditional German clothing (dirndl and lederhosen). Maidult is like a big carnival that had all sorts of rides, stalls, and food. It was an amazing experience.

Photo of Maidult
Dr. Molnar taking part in some of Maidult’s games.

We took many walks through the city and across the stone bridge. It lead to some of us getting lost (which was very easy to do in Regensburg), but that is part of learning about a place. Plus Regensburg is a very easy place to get lost in! We also did a tour of the old Rathaus house which was the old town hall. Regensburg seemed like a blink and it wasn’t long before we were on our way again!

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How do you even describe a city like Nuremberg. There is so much that has happened there for centuries. It played a key role in not only the Holy Roman Empire, but also with the Third Reich and the Nuremberg Rallies. Now don’t forget that I am not a historian. I do not have the same background knowledge as the students and especially the faculty. I have to admit Nuremberg is a beautiful city and Nuremberg castle fits in with the city so well.

These three photos are just some of my favorite photos of the city. This photo was taken from a tower at Nuremberg Castle.

Dr. Molnar telling the students about the Beautiful Fountain. Something interesting is that in the fence around the fountain you can find rings. If you spin the ring it is suppose to give you 7 years of good luck and many children!
Dr. Molnar giving the students the history of Nuremberg

We did a lot of walking around the city and the students got the chance to explore on their own multiple times. Some of the tours that we did while in Nuremberg included a tour of the torture chamber, German National Museum, the Nazi Documentation Center (which was the rally grounds), and the most “German” of German cities. We were also able to tour Nuremberg castle.

Hauptmarkt which is the city center. There were tons of vendors and you could buy just about anything.
Students exploring the chapel of Nuremberg Castle
Students learning about the well at Nuremberg Castle

The city was also beautiful at night because everything was light up.

Church of Our Lady at night
Nuremberg Castle at night from my hotel room window.

My favorite place while we were in Nuremberg was theĀ Nazi Documentation Center (which was the rally grounds). We had an amazing tour that took us around the grounds to learn about the different buildings and what they we planning on using them for. It amazed me that many of the huge buildings that were being constructed or where planned to be constructed were only going to be used for one day out of the whole year. On top the that the rally grounds were only going to be used for one week for the whole year.

Part of the Nuremberg Rally Grounds
Part of the Nuremberg Rally Grounds
Part of Nuremberg Rally Grounds

Bring On Germany!

OK, OK, OK. I know that I said I would keep everyone updated on events and the Wyatt Program that has taken place this last academic year and I haven’t. I apologize for that, but it has been a busy academic year! I once again will be narrating our Wyatt Student Expedition to Germany this year and I hope to do even more posting while we are there. Last year in London it was a bit of a learning curve and I have learned a lot about blogging and about traveling abroad with a group of students! First let me give you a run down of the awesome events we had this year (that i forgot to let you guys know about šŸ™ sorry again!).

Of course we had to start off with an awesome Wyatt Kick-Off like we do every year. I’m pretty sure I did tell you guys about that one! We had three guest speakers during the Fall 2016 semester: Dr. Derek Hastings, Associate Professor in History at Oakland University; Dr. Karrin Hanshew, Associate Professor in History at Michigan State University; and Dr. Joel Harrington, Professor of History, Vanderbilt University. We also held an Oktoberfest event that featured a thirty-piece German brass band, a movie night showing Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, and a Krampus event.Ā All of the events featured yummy German food.

As of right now we are exactly one week away from leaving for Germany. The trip will be taking place from May 8th-21st. There are 7 students that will be attending the trip. For this trip we will be staying in four different cities; Nuremberg, Regensburg, Ā Salzburg, and Munich. The itinerary is almost completely set and there are only a few last minute details that need to be straightened out. It should be a very rewarding and exciting trip!

That’s all for now, but make sure you keep checking for updates! We will be heading out before you know it!