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SOM Winter Rewind

The School of Management has made tons of memories this winter semester so let’s take the time to look back at them!

The beginning of the winter semester began and our students took off studying. But SOM made it our mission to give students opportunities to further their careers, learn from alumni, and KICK BACK! 

Our Alumni Liaison, Anna Swartz, planned three Alumni Career Panels for students to attend. These panels gave students an inside look at careers they could have after graduating. The students were able to ask questions and learn from professionals. 

We also hosted a career fair for SOM students and one open to many different majors. We had over 70 students attend both Career Fairs and seize the opportunity to gain job experience. Our fairs are for the students to take what they are learning in the classroom and apply it in a real job. Gaining networking opportunities and giving our students proper training to go out and find a job after their time here is done are just more benefits of attending these fairs! 

But once a WOLVERINE always a WOLVERINE! SOM ensured this by hosting an Alumni Social Hour event for St. Patrick’s Day. A night was filled with food and laughter as alumni, staff and current students met together. These events allow our alumni to see old professors and staff that helped them along their journey here. It’s events like these that allow SOM graduates to remember that Wolverines from Flint are Wolverines forever. And this extended into the university’s annual….. 

GIVING BLUEDAY! Giving Blueday was on March 15th when the University called upon alumni, students, and our community to support our students and their education. SOM had two pages, one for our Excellence Fund and another for our Entrepreneurship Society. The Excellence Fund received over 9,000 dollars in donations and was met by a match from Steve Whitener and the Entrepreneurship Society received over 6,000 dollars in donations. 

After all the excitement, we allowed the students to KICKBACK with our KICKBACK with SOM event. The event was filled with snacks, music, prizes, and trivia. Between studying for finals and getting ready for summer students came to the event to relax and have some laughs before exams. 

SOM holds many different events during all semesters. This was just a small REWIND but our most significant event is just around the corner. Our CAREER SUMMIT is June 23rd, 2023, and will be an event you don’t want to miss!

CAREER SUMMIT RSVP:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScI_9Dgt-aAUGh5phh6V3-ZvYN2pXWrSJfvbH388LSQpa4gMw/viewform