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Literacy Education (MA)…why it works

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For Flint resident Gina Morris-Cicalo, getting her young son Rocco to develop a habit of reading was a struggle until he participated in the University of Michigan-Flint Reading Center program. She read to him every night, and his school teachers were helpful. He just didn’t like to read. “I could tell why he didn’t enjoy

DNP student talks online nursing

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My experience at University of Michigan-Flint (U of M-Flint) has been great over the past 3 years. I received my undergraduate degree (bachelor of nursing) here in April of 2015.  I applied for the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program immediately, was accepted and started this program in August of 2015 full-time. I am in

Ms. GoogleSearchBar, you’re my only friend

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Long before I told my family, friends, and co-workers I’d be leaving Michigan for grad school, I told my cookied confidant, Ms. GoogleSearchBar. Those around me were good people who believed in me; I didn’t want to create a bunch of hullabaloo for something that might be a pipedream. I had a good job with

NurseJess Speaks about Anesthesia & more…

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Jessica Chang is a student in UM-Flint’s anesthesia program. You can also read more on her blog Is UM-Flint an integrated or front-loaded program? What are advantages and disadvantages? It is an integrated program where clinical begins in the first semester. The disadvantage is that majority of the material has not be presented in

Finding a Passion – by: Eileen Shea

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Throughout our studies we are often asked about our goals for the future. At the beginning of my master’s program, my answer was fairly generic: get a job as a family nurse practitioner. As I continue to progress through the program, I find my goals and passions becoming more specific. During our coursework we are

Welcome to GP Blogging!

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As the weeks and months progress, please stay tuned as we’ll hear from students, staff, and perhaps the occasional faculty member on their experiences in the graduate world. In the meantime, GO BLUE!