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Hi Future Leaders,

I am a proud student of University of Michigan-Flint and my name is Nida Qayyum. I am an international student, originally from Pakistan. Besides being a student of the Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems (MSCSIS), I am also a UM-Flint Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA) as well as a teacher at the UM-Flint Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC).

It’s not long ago when higher studies and building career was my fantasy. People around me were going in international institutions to pursue their dreams and I felt like there are from another world. Then my sister encouraged me to look for education in Michigan, USA and promised me a helping hand. I started looking for ratings of institutions and protocols of admissions. I found University of Michigan among world’s top 40 universities, it grabbed my attention more when I visited websites of all three campuses. Each and everything was clearly mentioned on websites that no further help was needed.

I had the intention of going into a program that helps me focus on IT while allowing me to embed my MBA skills and knowledge into IT subjects, UM-Flint offers a perfect fit for in the form of MSCSIS degree. Eligibility was high for this program but it was justified considering the needs of graduation like GRE, ielts score 6 band (for international students), background of IT and management courses with a bachelor’s degree. After giving both GRE and ielts tests, I submitted application online under my own account at UM-Flint website. The application portal was self-explanatory and helped me understand what is done and what is left to be done on my side and as well as on university side.

I also had few questions based on my academic background which I asked over emails and it was so pleasant to get a prompt, detailed and kind response every time. Thanks to the professionalism of UM-Flint system.

First day at umflint, Jan 3rd, 2017, Orientation Day, was very special for me. Stepping into an entirely new world of people with diverse backgrounds and cultures turned out to be very exciting as UM-Flint planned a welcoming day for new comers. We had ice-break introductory session, activities, breakfast, lunch; university tour and a UM-Flint gift bag. Moreover, UM-Flint also arranged specific undergraduate and graduate orientations for focused briefing and guidance on degree plan. It was awesome to have so much in just one day.

I started get involved in campus life; Campus Activity Board, Student Government, Student Associations, Recreation Center, Workshops, activities and events were all organized and accessible to every student. It’s a whole life inside UM-Flint.

Now it’s my third semester here and I am loving the flexibility of scheduling my courses according to my own needs. Life is Great.

Go Blue!

Nida Qayyum
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